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  1. How much of your complete dog diets do I feed my dog?

    These serving sizes are for: Love, Thrive, Embark, Keen, Force, Verve, Zeal & Halcyon

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  2. How much of your complete cat diets do I feed my cat?

    These serving sizes are for Prowl and Grace

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  3. How much of your base mixes do I feed my dog & how much meat do I add?

    These serving sizes are for: Preference, Kindly & Hale

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  4. Is the recommend serving based on the dry measure or after I’ve rehydrated the food?

    The amounts we recommend are based on the dry measure, before you add warm water.

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  5. Are the amounts recommended on the chart for the entire day or per meal?

    The amounts listed in our feeding guidelines are for the entire day. We suggest dividing this daily amount into two servings, one in the AM and one in the PM.

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  6. How much do I feed a dog that weighs more than 90lbs?

    Look at the estimated amount for a 90 lbs dog and then go back to the top of the chart, adding the extra amount for the additional weight. Take into consideration their age and activity level. For example, a moderately-active dog of 130 lbs, may need about 5 cups per day. Please adjust to suit your dog’s individual needs.

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  7. What if the amount suggested is too much/too little for my pet?

    Please remember that these are only guidelines! Your individual dog’s need will vary with age and activity. Adjust the amount to suit your pup's needs.

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  8. How long will a box last?

    This will depend on how much your pet requires of the dry mix each day, and if you have multiple pets. Using our feeding charts (above), you can estimate the amount each dog may need. For instance, if your dog weighs 30lbs, you may need 1 dry cup per day, and a 10lb box will last approximately 40 days.

    • Each 10lb box yields approximately 40 cups of the dry mix.
    • Each 7lb box yields approximately 30 cups of the dry mix.
    • Each 4lb box yields approximately 16 cups of the dry mix.
    • Each 3lb box yields approximately 14 cups of the dry mix.
    • Each 2lb box yields approximately 8 cups of the dry mix.

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